Kollin & Remey – Mississippi meets Texas

Remey and Kollin were definitely made for each other. They both are just sweet spirited people and their joy is contagious. I’ve known Remey since I started school at MSU and I was so glad she asked us to shoot her wedding! It really was a fabulous day. Brett and I both know a good many people in the wedding party, so it was another great “hang out and take photos” kind of day.

As you can see from some of the photos, it was almost hard to get shots of the wedding party when they weren’t cracking up at someone or something. That is a great problem to have – we like happy faces! Thanks for being so fun! One photo I thought was really cute was when Remey was walking down the isle and you could tell she was starting to tear up. The next photo is of Kollin closing his eyes in an effort to keep from seeing his misty eyed bride.

Thanks you two for a beautiful day! (even if it was raining outside!)


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