Nathan & Flori |A Wedding After Session

Nathan and I worked together at Samford when I was photographing for them our first two years in Birmingham. He was the “video guy” and Caroline and I were the “photo people” – so we all spent plenty of time at every Samford event you could imagine! I was already booked for Nathan’s wedding, but I was so glad to get to do this after session for them! Their story is just precious.

It was a fairy tale really. Nathan runs a Non-Profit video company and shoot videos for so many fabulous ministries in Birmingham and beyond. His work takes him to almost every continent each year. While on one of his trips, he had a particularly lovely translator and thought it might be fun to get to know her a little better after the trip. Insert hours of emails, texts, phone calls, skypes, and one or two in person visits – and these two were ready to be together, on the same continent, forever. After way too much red tape and lots of waiting to be able to bring Flori here legally, they were married on a hot day in May and chose to have an after-session with me on an even hotter day in June ; )

It’s always fun being able to do whatever you want in your wedding dress – especially after the big day is over. And having a session so close to the actual date keeps the magic in it ; ) Thanks y’all for enduring the heat for some sweet couple photos! 2015-12-07_0081 2015-12-07_0082 2015-12-07_0083 2015-12-07_0084 2015-12-07_0085 2015-12-07_0086 2015-12-07_0087 2015-12-07_0088 2015-12-07_0089 2015-12-07_0090 2015-12-07_0091 2015-12-07_0092 2015-12-07_0093 2015-12-07_0094 2015-12-07_0095 2015-12-07_0096 2015-12-07_0097 2015-12-07_0098 2015-12-07_0099 2015-12-07_0100 2015-12-07_0101 2015-12-07_0102

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