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Log Vases and Floral Pretties

January 13, 2014

Filed in: Personal

So this post is a little nontraditional in a sense that it doesn’t really involve people, but then again it kind of does? Below you’ll find a bit of rustic flowery goodness created by a fun little trio of people. Who might this be? Glad you asked…
First, we have Brittney (our beautiful bride-turned-friend and occasional wedding assistant) enjoys doing flowers on the side, along with most anything else fun and creative you can think of. What does Brittney do full-time you might be wondering? Well, she’s actually a dentist. No, really, like a real dentist that went to school for a long time that we go to every 6 months to get our teeth checked. She’s pretty great at that too. But since mouths aren’t as lovely as flowers, I thought a floral feature might be more appropriate on the blog. So, here we have these lovely images from a private party Brittney was hired to create these floral beauties for.
The next person in our little trio would be the one and only Brett Long. Of course, I know him as “husband” and many of you know him as “Rebecca’s second shooter guy.” He’s the one responsible for all of the log vases and wood slices you see here in these centerpieces! These logs are a little hobby he picked up over the last year as he and his brother are in their 4th year of operating their own landscaping and lawn care business here in Birimingham. They frequently run across down trees or trees that clients ask them to cut. So, as many of you know, Brett has been my constant (and wonderful) second shooter for the last 4+ years (we’re getting close to 100 weddings together!!). Weekend after weekend, we see all sorts of creative centerpieces at weddings and events. So, Brett decided to merge his two jobs into one fun and lovely creation – log vases! A perfect mix of the outdoor, rustic life and the beauty of a unique centerpiece all in one. I think they’re pretty nifty.
Lastly, we have myself. All I’ve done is over-critique Brett on his log making process and help Brittney put baby’s breath into little jars. Basically, I just wanted to be included in the trio and since I’m blogging this, I can do that.
Y’all enjoy the pretties and head to etsy if you’d like to learn more about Brett’s log vases and slices!

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  1. Megan

    January 13th, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    Simply beautiful!!! You three are a great combo 🙂

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