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February 20, 2012

Hello there! I am 28 and getting older by the day. I married Brett in May of 2009 and we’ve had a wonderful time learning how to be the best husband and wife we can be for each other. With lots of help from the Lord and the people He has put in our lives – I’d say we’re doing alright so far!
Brett and I moved to Birmingham, Alabama in August of 2010 and hope to call this place home for years to come. I am a full time photographer, and I work hard to split my time between being a wife, mom, photographer, and friend as best I can. We welcomed our first little one to our family in May of 2014 and we both agree that little Laurel has been our greatest adventure yet! We love her dearly!
Being a professional photographer has been quite challenging for me and I hope it always will be. I still learn new things about how better to use my gear or how to capture light differently every time I am involved in a photoshoot. As long as I’m in this world, I plan to be a learner.
I graduated from Mississippi State University in graphic design and I also have a marketing minor (I definitely planned on doing wedding invitations, not photos). Most of my earthly possessions can be summed up in two words – “Apple” and “Canon.” I love anything that involves thinking creatively.
I enjoy what I do and hopefully it shows in these photos. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about what I offer as a photographer.
Brides and Grooms that desire to plan for their marriage more than their wedding day would be considered my ideal clients! I encourage every couple considering marriage to really invest in every possible way to make a marriage work, and work well! It’s worth it : )
Love to each of you!


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