A Fabulous Proposal

Okay, So this might be image overload on the first two blocks of images. However, I thought this might be the most efficient way to show David and Susannah’s proposal.

I was really excited when David contacted me to photograph him proposing to his then girlfriend, Susannah. Susannah was closing on a house the day that David was planning on proposing. When the couple came by the new house to take a look around, he popped the question in front of what is now their future home together! It was really cute the way he included their lab bringing the ring to him as well.

The week before the proposal, Brett and I had a great time thinking of ways to get good shots and still stay hidden. Long story short, we ended up in one neighbor’s yard and another neighbor’s driveway (yes, we asked permission). I was in Brett’s SUV with his back window rolled down and trash bags all around me along with a trash bag over my head with a hole for my lens! Brett was in the other neighbor’s yard hiding behind “bags of leaves” and a tree. Sneaky, sneaky my friends! Susannah never heard the shutters, however you can see that the puppy did in one of the photos – he’s looking straight at me!

To sum up the photos below, David told Susannah he had a house warming gift for her, then the dog came over with a box in his mouth. David had to get down on one knee to get the box out of his mouth and of course – it was the ring. He asked the big question and she gave the “yes!” he’d been waiting for – and we had the privilege to watch and capture the whole thing! David’s next surprise was telling her that we were there photographing, those are the last 3 photos in each series.

After the proposal we stuck around for a few engagement photos of the sweet couple. Susannah was quite the trooper in the sprinkling rain with her cute heels on trucking through grass and ditches!!

Congrats you two! Thanks so much for this opportunity.

First Series: My photos from across the street (Sorry some of the cropping is a little choppy, but I wanted to fit everything in vertically)


Second Series: Brett’s photos from the neighbor’s house






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