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A Cold, Rainy Day in Birmingham

February 8, 2011

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Thankfully, January and February have been slow months as far as actual shooting goes. I definitely needed the “break.” Which hasn’t actually been a break – just an opportunity to catch up on things that I have been quite far behind on. After being in our new home since October, I finally feel like it is a little more of a home instead of just a place where we sleep (and edit photos!). In January, we were able to have a work weekend with both of our families! We replaced and added all kinds of wonderful things – hopefully I can show some finished photos one day, but a good bit is still in progress.
Today was a rainy and cold day in Birmingham. Brett and I have been wanting to get out and discover a little more about where we live, so we did! The weather was not such that Brett could really do his landscaping outside, so we got some things checked off of our inside to-do lists and headed for the great downtown B-ham.
I took my handy-dandy camera along since I have a lens I’m trying out on loan from CPS. We definitely just played with the camera and didn’t really dig deep into checking out what all the lens could do, but we had a good day just being married and finding new places around us.
I believe this is one of very few posts about our life. Hopefully I can find fun things along our little life journey that I can share on here that could possibly be photographically relevant. 🙂

– First stop, the Birmingham Railroad Park

It was quite cold at the RR park… But I really like this bridge. They had some cool stuff everywhere. Nicely designed architecturally and some pretty landscaping too.

Oh Brett. I’m thankful for a fun husband that agrees to random outings… and lets me use him as a model. Santa brought me some new boots!!
These were little ideograms (I think that’s the right word… Graphic Design history was a few too many years ago). The RR park had lots of rules, but these were our favorites. I would love to meet this designer – too funny.
Traffic downtown wasn’t too bad, surprisingly. Thankfully Brett was driving, I’m not the best with One Way street maneuvers. (R) Sloss Furnace!! I’ve been wanting to go here for weeks and Brett never understood why. It just looks interesting to me. It was actually closed today, but I got enough of a taste of it. We’ll be back. Promise. I’ve loved this sign since I first saw it in a photo! I haven’t ever been here and asked that we go, specifically for me to see the sign. We were already cold from our earlier frolic at the park – so I opted for car photos. Sweet home Alabama. 🙂

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