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Hi there! Welcome to the blog. It's the history of our time with couples and families during the days that they will one day treasure as the days that mattered most..


Coming up…

July 11, 2011

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Coming up:
I know many of you check the blog regularly for certain events, so I’d like to give an update. I have a mini sneak peek on facebook of each wedding if you would like to see a couple of photos immediately. In the next few weeks, we will be posting the weddings of:
Stephanie & Adam
Amanda & Clay
Emily & Cameron
Brittney & Patrick
Thanks for keeping up with my blog and I hope to get lots of work done this week with lots of lovely photos for everyone!
Now, I’ll share a little about our weekend – just for fun.
We were able to shoot the wonderful wedding of Patrick and Brittney on Saturday and I look forward to sharing photos of their sweet wedding! We left for the wedding at 11:40am, photographed non-stop with our little shutter fingers ’till 9:30pm, then finally finished getting the images off of the cards and properly stored at about 1:30am. So, here I am again… 1:30am.
Needless to say, we were exhausted this morning! Thankfully, we have a church that we enjoy getting up and going to, and with the help of a good old Coke on the way there – we were able to make it through the service. We also had the baptism of a fellow small group member to look forward to, so that was a wonderful thing to experience as always.
I made it through the service without a problem, but shortly after came the breakdown. This kind of breakdown is not necessarily a bad one. Brett thinks it’s hilarious actually. We decided to stop for a quick lunch and I asked if we could just get it to go because the thought of going in and staying awake much longer was just too much to think about. Well, Brett said, “Nah, let’s go ahead and go in.” That’s when my exhausted little self lost it. The idea of having to be alert for an extra 30 minutes was apparently just too much. This was followed by my once every few years laughing/crying spell. Once I get started, there’s no stopping! I laughed at how ridiculously tired I was. Then I cried… at the same time. Of course this made me laugh harder, which also made me cry harder. My sweet husband decided the best thing he could do at this moment was… find my phone to video the disaster. He just laughed, which made me laugh… and cry… and you get the idea by now. This went on for a few minutes and I decided I could recover faster if my loving husband was not in the car. He went in to order and I eventually recomposed enough to be seen in public. Thankfully, I did not fall asleep during our lunch and as soon as we got home it was NAP TIME!
After my 5 hour nap, I felt much better.
I share that story in hopes that some of you have done the same thing at some point in your life. I also like to remind everyone that behind the camera there’s a real person that loves what she does and is willing to go to all lengths (and exhaustion levels…) to give you beautiful memories!
I hope you all had restful Sunday’s and since no post is complete without a photo, I leave you with this image. I have entitled it, “The Perfect Friday Night Snack.”

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  1. Megan

    July 13th, 2011 at 1:56 am

    ah krispey kreme & chocolate milk…nothing better on earth…

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