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Anna and Stephen {Engaged}

September 2, 2011

Filed in: Engagements

Let the fun begin! Since Anna and Stephen came from Mississippi to have their engagements done, the pressure was on to have some great results! We started our early morning shoot at the Railroad Park in downtown and made our way to plenty of other scenic areas throughout the morning. Stephen’s brother lives close by, so he ended up knowing more about Birmingham than I do and gave us a mini tour of the area as we drove around looking for photo ops. We now have some great suggestions of places to stop in thanks to y’all!
One pretty amazing stop was at a bookstore downtown. Of course, what bookstore is complete without the infamous “leg lamp” in the window to bring in the business? I only stepped inside for a moment, but after seeing the TONS of treasures everywhere (way beyond just books) I assured the owner I would be back. I fully intend to follow through on that…
We were presented with a few challenges throughout the morning, mainly the weather. It stayed cloudy the whole day and threatened some raindrops here and there. Thankfully, we stayed dry and I actually really like the way the cloudiness complemented the industrial look of the area.
Best of all, we had a great time with Anna and Stephen and I really love how the images turned out! Y’all are so cute together and really do make me smile. Looking forward to the wedding – so much fun still to come!
PS – Did I mention that I knew Anna and Stephen from my hometown?! We all went to different schools but crossed paths in random places over the years. The fun part is, if I remember correctly, THEY did not meet until just a few years ago, and you can see how well that meeting turned out…
Congrats you two : )

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