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A Visit to the Farm

March 26, 2012

Filed in: Personal

This weekend, Brett and I went to “the farm” with our dear friends/big supporters/now clients Brett and Megan. (Yep, our men have the same name!) We had a fabulous time! I’ll give you a little peek into our weekend and the beauty of the farm. In a few weeks I’ll have a post of B&M’s sweet engagements we did while we were there as well. It was SUCH a great setting and a photographer’s playground. I already have a list of photo-to-do’s for the next visit. Well, the next casual visit that is. Actually, the next time we’ll be back here will be for Brett and Megan’s wedding reception!! Can’t wait 🙂
So, for those of you wondering why I had no cell service and did not respond to many texts, emails or phone calls, it’s because we were in this lovely middle-of-no-where Alabama setting thoroughly enjoying ourselves, friends, and God’s creation.
Friday night at the farm:
It’s either a shooting star or an airplane at the bottom of the frame. I’m going to go with shooting star of course…
The view over the lake at night:

The view over the lake at sunrise… of course, those of you that know me know that this was taken by my hubby 🙂

The other Brett’s pup! He was a fun addition to the weekend as well.
Why yes, we did have a lovely time reading in hammocks and sippin on sweet tea. Spring is here! This little guy was working hard. One of the many gorgeous spots we stopped for engagement photos later that afternoon!

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  1. Megan

    March 26th, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    We had such a fun weekend with you two down there!!! I’m surprised you didn’t use this post to show everyone what a marksman you are!

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