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Meredith & Adam | A Rainy Day Engagement Session

November 3, 2016

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We had a streak of sessions last year that had to be moved because of rain, but we were hoping Meredith and Adam’s session wasn’t going to be one of them! Alas, fifteen minutes in, the rains came. And never left. We actually ended up doing a little mini session on a sunny day as well because it was so. rainy. with. no. hope. of. stopping. Thankfully these guys are so easy going, they just smiled and sighed and let us play with the rain some. As you can see, the rain ended up being quite the little blessing, giving us some sweet and unique images! These two have the most kind and sincere hearts and it’s been a joy to know you this last year Meredith and Adam! Thank you for letting us in on this sweet time in life – and for being troopers in rain or shine 😉 rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-001rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-002rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-003rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-004rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-005rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-006rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-007rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-008rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-009rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-010rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-011rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-012rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-013rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-014rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-015rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-016rainy-day-engagement-session-by-rebecca-long-photography-017Session

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