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February 20, 2012

Since my background is in graphic design, my photography started out as more of a tool to help me with my design work. I used my own photography for different projects from ads to posters. I mostly photographed still objects and set-up scenes. I soon became the subject of photos at my own wedding along with the weddings of numerous friends. I quickly realized that when photographing people, it is important to tell a story through those photos.
That said, I believe I can narrow down my style to a natural/storytelling type feel. I enjoy being behind the scenes just capturing what is really going on. From family sessions to the wedding day, I try my best to only pose people when necessary. I understand everyone is not a model, so we definitely try to work with people on the other side of the camera to make them look and feel comfortable and beautiful. Capturing natural interaction between the people we photograph turns out great and definitely helps the nervous ones to let loose and have some fun.
One thing I encourage clients to do is… trust me and just have fun! Asking for your trust is a big deal, but I find that people are most comfortable when they’re worry-free. So, we will do whatever we have to in order to get you to relax and naturally have fun (or at least LOOK like you’re naturally having fun!). If you let me know what you’re wanting from your photos or types of shots you definitely aren’t looking for – I think we can really work well together and get you some images you’ll love.
My main focus is on crisp, richly colored photos that are not overly edited and are a true representation of YOU – not an airbrushed and freckle-free you with bleached white teeth. I sort through every photo to ensure correct color balance and include some black and white options for each session. I can remove blemishes or minor bumps and bruises if requested, but any major re-touching would require a small fee.
Welp, if you’re still curious, please browse my blog and the rest of my site to see samples of my work.


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