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Heather & Alec | A North Alabama Wedding

July 3, 2012

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I met Heather through one of my college roommates at Mississippi State. It’s pretty accurate to say that Heather is one of a kind! She has these great random talents and is always so humble about each one. My first impression of Heather was as a basketball player for MSU. She was passionate about the sport and was a talented player for sure. Next I learned that Heather has a spectacular singing voice! I mean really, this lady has a voice. She actually sang at our wedding in 2009 and did such a beautiful job. (Thanks Heather!) When my roomie was out of town for a summer, Heather moved in during summer school. I then learned that she has yet another great skill in guitar playing. This was also the summer I attempted to learn how to play the guitar. Instead, I learned that Heather is a patient and kind teacher and I was never meant to play an instrument.
Since I’m always learning new things about Heather, I was not surprised when she told me of her plan for their wedding reception. Her family’s band “Mulberry Road” was going to be playing for the evening and she let me know she would be changing dresses and joining them for part of the reception. As I expected, this lil’ bride rocked it.
I’m so thankful Heather has found a kind and supporting husband in Alec. They¬† have a precious no-fuss relationship and just enjoy being together. I got to know these two as a couple a few weeks before their wedding when we had their engagement session! Those photos will be coming shortly as well, but for now, here is a preview of their small-town Alabama wedding! Congrats you two! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your precious day.
^ I love the first look! ^ Sweet moment of prayer time. ^Those stained glass windows were lovely!^ What a beautiful little church! ^ Brett captured these adorable kiddos. I believe they’re anxious to get the show started!^ I had to include this photo on the right. You can see Heather is giving her mom the, “Okay! This is it!” look. ^ Singing a hymn before the ceremony. ^ Reese’s and chocolate groom’s cake anyone?

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