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Baby Levi | Birmingham Newborn Session

December 5, 2012

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Baby Levi is here! Well, Baby Levi has been here since August, but he’s just now making his appearance on the blog. Once again, the fabulous Brittney was with me to keep me sane, Levi comfortable, and just be generally brilliant – as usual. I love looking at these photos because they have even more meaning now than they did when I took them.
Levi’s mommy, Michelle, contacted me several weeks before her due date to schedule a newborn session with us. To make a long story short, she and her husband are new to Birmingham and they’re from Mississippi as well! It turns out we have tons of mutual friends and it’s just nice to know another displaced Mississippian : ) Don’t get me wrong, I believe we all love Birmingham quite a bit, it’s just hard to leave “home” and start all over again – and Michelle made that move as an expecting mother! More power to her…But the fun part of this story is, I get to see Michelle every week at a women’s bible study now! Out of the 100+ women that are in this group, I am now in a small group of 8-10 women – in which THREE of us have recently moved from Mississippi and have mutual friends still there. Watch out Birmingham, we’re taking over…
Anyone can tell you, moving is tough in all sorts of ways – but it’s such a blessing to see the Lord provide just what you need, or who you need – right when you need it. I’m so thankful for the sweet Birminghamians I have met over the last two years and I have loved being able to get more involved now that I am down to ONE job – ha! I’m so glad Michelle contacted me this summer and I can’t wait to see little Levi and all of the fun stages he’s about to go through!
So… back to the beginning of this story, in photos : )
^ This still cracks me up every time I see these pics.

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  1. Emma Jenkins

    December 5th, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Precious! I love these!!!!

  2. Bailey Shoemaker

    January 11th, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Love Michelle and Buster! I’m glad you guys found each other in Birmingham! You are all awesome!

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